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Cute game! The ending adds a lot of heart and personality. Would love to see you make something even more involved.

Thank you much, kalechipps! In the past i only created small games. Maybe some day i will create a bigger project, but do chill a lot instead of sharpening my skills in game dev ;P

Now i fixed the strange / buggy movement. Should be ok now! Windows, Linux and MacOS versions are changed too.

Alright, so let's way up the pros and the cons.

The Pros
1) Great art
2) Alright music / sfx, even if the volumes were poorly balanced

The Cons
1) No gameplay depth - I'm fairly sure monsters can't even hurt me, so this just seems like a "lack of time" mistake. Without any gameplay depth, this feels like a walking sim.
2) Input was *extremely* buggy for me. I'm not sure if this happens for everyone, but if i press left, and then press up, i kind of glide in an arc, slowly upwards. This made the walking in the walking sim feel pretty bad.
3) Extremely short. But once again, I can see the whole lack of time thing being the cause here.

All in all, this could of been good with better programming / gameplay design. But, at least you've got your "artsy" parts down. Look forward to your next submission!

Thank you much for your thoughts about what was good and what was not, KingTide44. The input thing is the first thing i will try to fix soon. But I am not planning to add a health system or the possibity to get hurt by the enemies, so then game will stay easy to finish :)

the way you handle input is weird. if i only have the left key down i should always be going left, even if i had the right key down as well when i started holding left


Thank you for feedback, bluzi. I will work on better movement / input handling when the voting period for Godot Wild Jam 9 is over.