Boxman is a Sokoban clone game.

The goal is to push the boxes to their places.

Boxman is not able to pull boxes so you can only push them. Be careful when you decide where to push the boxes (you can undo last move with "X" and reload the current level with "C" if you made a mistake). When all boxes are in their places the next level will start.

This game was done for GBJam7 in august 2019.

Controls (keyboard):

MovementArrow Keys
Accept / Reload level:
Undo last move:
Pause / Start:
Enter (Return)


music and sounds : by Kanoa Ichiyanagi ( shake onigiri )

sprites and programming: by Tzoop

used software : Godot, Aseprite

used godot asset for color swap: by Krankomat

this games project files are available on github (MIT license)


Download 13 MB
Download 12 MB
Download 14 MB

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