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In CoGhoLa you play as a ghost. You can not move, but you can defend yourself by throwing lances at the enemies.

Controls: WASD or Arrowkeys to throw lances.

Pressing SpaceBar will change your color.

The color is important for throwing lances. Only lances with the same color do damage to the enemy (for example if you want to get rid off a blue enemy then throw a blue lance at him)

This Game has a vendor that tries to sell items to you.

Pressing B will buy the current item if you own enough coins.

(Pressing K will change WASD to ZQSD)

This game is made using Unity3d, it only has one level

CoGhoLa - Short video showing the game


game created by: Tzoop

this game is made using Unity3D, Scripts are written in C# using Visual Studio

most of the sprites, fonts: Kenney (kenney.nl), CC0 1.0

background tiles: Hypotosis (opengameart.org) Bone Planet, CC0 1.0

healthbar: Janna (opengameart.org) Sleek Bars, CC0 1.0

pile of poo emoji / sprite: Emojione (emojione.com), CC 4.0

music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), CC 3.0
names of the tracks:
Titlescreen: Undaunted
GameScene: Adventure Meme, Big Quest, Cyborg Ninja, Nana Hoedown, Overworld, Pixeland, Reformat, Daily Beetle, Fretless, Life of Riley, Professor Umlaut, Two Finger Johnny, Vivacity, Carefree

font for word "Tzoop" in the lower right corner of the title screen: Watermelon Script (mistisfonts.com)

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Colorful

Install instructions

data folder must be in the same place as the exe. otherwise the exe does not execute correctly


CoGhoLa.zip 90 MB

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