In "Froshua visits the zoo" you play a frog named Froshua.

Froshua tries to rescue some animals from imprisonment in a zoo.
The cages in the zoo are locked by simple security system, that uses switches and logic gates.
But that should be no problem for Froshua, because he is very smart.
"Froshua visits the zoo" is made for learning the logic gates, it is not very difficult.

controls: arrow keys or wasd: move Froshua
space bar: interact with switches or doors
mouse: only for volume slider (bottom left corner)

This game is made for "frog jam" in 2017.

Music made by Gino

Coding and pixel sprites made by Tzoop
Software used: Unity, Piskel,, Bfxr

used sprites (feel free to use for whatever you want):


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nice little learning game. could use some polishing and more complex levels ;)

Neat little game. I liked the concept.