A downloadable game for Windows

Special Forces Incoming

this game is multiplayer only (host/client based) and made with unity3d (2017)

up to six players can play against eachother (works also with less players or alone, but alone you can shoot nobody)
every player controls a soldier and can run around, shoot bullets and jump

Game made by Tzoop,
used resources: "Mini Mike's Mini Metros- Core Collection" by mikelovesrobots
"Game Jam Menu Template" by Unity Technologies
"Network Lobby" by Unity Technologies
"TextMeshPro" by  Unity Technologies
title screen music: "Waves" by Gino
sound: "Mossberg 500 Pump Shotgun Sound" CC BY 3.0 by RA The Sun God

Controls (ingame):
WASD or arrow keys: player movement,
mouse : rotate player,  
left mouse button : shooting,
numpad - / + : volume down / up

Install instructions

download setup, run setup, find person to play with, run game, create a game with matchmaker or connect manually, play


Setup_Special_Forces_Incoming.exe 16 MB

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