Wooshlek the Sorcerer has a problem: He arrives at home and his family is not there. He is worried. So he decides to search for them. The adventure begins!

This game was made during GBJAM 6


Arrow Keys or WASD: Movement

Arrow Up or W or Space: Jumping

Arrow Down or S: Casting a magic spell

Controller is also supported

XBox-Controller: D-Pad [Movement] and A [Jump] and B [Magic]
Playstation Controller: D-Pad [Movement] and X [Jump] and O [Magic]
Other controllers could work too, i was not able to test.

Used software and tools: Godot , Aseprite, Paint.net, BfxrBeepBox

If the game does not react to your user input try clicking inside the game window with your cursor.

If you want to play the game in a smaller or bigger window than on this page (here it is scaled to 960 x 864)  try out one of the builds for the different operating systems.

Thank you much for playing!   :)



WooshlekMacOS.zip 26 MB
WooshlekLinux.zip 14 MB
WooshlekWin.zip 17 MB

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