Wooshlek the Sorcerer has a problem: He arrives at home and his family is not there. He is worried. So he decides to search for them. The adventure begins!

This game was made during GBJAM 6


Arrow Keys or WASD: Movement

Arrow Up or W or Space: Jumping

Arrow Down or S: Casting a magic spell

Controller is also supported

XBox-Controller: D-Pad [Movement] and A [Jump] and B [Magic]
Playstation Controller: D-Pad [Movement] and X [Jump] and O [Magic]
Other controllers could work too, i was not able to test.

Used software and tools: Godot , Aseprite, Paint.net, BfxrBeepBox

If the game does not react to your user input try clicking inside the game window with your cursor.

If you want to play the game in a smaller or bigger window than on this page (here it is scaled to 960 x 864)  try out one of the builds for the different operating systems.

Thank you much for playing!   :)



WooshlekMacOS.zip 26 MB
WooshlekLinux.zip 14 MB
WooshlekWin.zip 17 MB


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Dear Tzoop,

I do game dev. as a hobby and thought your game was cool! Here are some of my thoughts while playing:

1. Jumping

Your jump height felt fitting to the game, but perhaps lowering the gravity a touch would make it feel better. Also, it is usually better to make it so the longer you press jump the higher the player jumps.

2. Magic

The magic was cool- it reminded me of the original Kirby series on NES! I think that you should have a cool down or a limit on how many times you can use it. Maybye have the small enemies drop magic refills of some sorts.

3. Design

I thought the item collection was cool as a goal for completing the level- If they were called something other than items I apologize I skipped the story XD. Maybe have each level devided into segments, and each segment has a mini boss in it. in order to obain the items you must kill the mini bosses in each segment of the level, then return to the beggining of the level and use your key to open a door. the door opens up to either the next level, or a boss monster.

Just some food for thought! I hope you find this helpfull, and keep me posted on how this game is coming! Pls post all new versions you make!



Hi PixelPoifectGames!

Thank you very much for playing the game and for the helpful comment! Your thoughts and ideas are very good.
I am not planning to create newer versions of this game. But maybe i will use the feedback if i make another platformer one day.
The idea with holding the jump button for more jumping height is very great. Yes, you are also right, that the game could use a few bosses (or at least a few other enemies) :D  It only has one enemy.
Thank you very much for the positive feedback!

Have fun creating games and a nice year 2020!