Store stuff and try to remember where you stored what, because in this high rack warehouse everything is hidden within boxes.

Controls: mouse only

Click the white rectangles:

Symbolwhen should i press?
where is this symbol?
#box or unbox something
at the ground near the player
0, 1, 2, ..send boxes to this location or get boxes back from this locationat the ground near the player

This game was made for Godot Wild Jam 2 Theme: "hidden within"

by Tzoop

The used font is named Luna

Made withAseprite, Godot,
Tags2D, godot, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hi. really funny simple game with good gameplay. But I found bug: I can bring two boxes from warehouse (at the same time). That's OK but one of them cannot unboxing. Doesn't matter.

WOW, now I finish the game! That's crazy, I thought it will be random generated for infinite time (I would like to see analog clock on the wall at warehouse and showed score as an hourly wage). Or you can add more levels and stuff, one level = one working day at another warehouse (with different geometry). IMHO this game has great potential.

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Thank you much for playing and for the feedback, Jeffrey! Also thanks for letting me know about the bug. Congratulations for finishing the game.
I fixed the bug you mentioned! (But at the moment i will not add more content to this game, it is only a small game i made while a game jam).

Pretty nice work, good to learn to remember

Thank you much for your positive feedback and for playing it :)